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(Full 9 weeks) Sam Ovens – UpLevel Consulting [GB INSTANT]



Are you ready to take your consulting business to the next level?

Watch the video above to learn about our most potent and powerful training program — Uplevel Consulting. In this video Sam will explain what Uplevel Consulting is, who it’s for, how it works and if it’s a good fit for you at the current stage of your journey. Uplevel is our most powerful program and it’s created ALL of our millionaires.

Here’s what we cover:

  • Uplevel Consulting — The transformation from done-for-you and 1on1 to online courses and group coaching
  • The many benefits that come from switching business models to the “new age” online course model
  • Higher level service — How we provide personal help from Sam, personal critiques of your work and more…
  • The 8 weeks of content that we cover in a RAPID timeframe and what’s involved at each stage
  • Who Uplevel Consulting is for and how to know if its right or wrong for you
  • How to apply for Uplevel Consulting and see if you qualify to take your business to the next level


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Consulting.com Uplevel

Hey everyone, it’s Sam Ovens here and welcome to this video called What is Uplevel Consulting? First of all, this video isn’t going to make a whole bunch of sense, unless you watched the first two modules in week seven. The first one was Secrets of Exponential Scale, and the second one was Productizing Your Services, or turning your services or your Done for You or one on one consulting business model, more into a product business model. First of all, this video won’t make a whole bunch of sense, unless you watched those first before this. Now what I’m going to talk about in this video, is basically how you can take your business to the next level, and really scale it up to that seven figure level or even that eight figure level by really moving and transforming from Done for You services, and one on one consulting, to the new-age model of consulting which is group coaching programs, and online courses. Uplevel Consulting is the program that I have that shows you exactly how to do that, and it’s the program that’s produced all, bar-none, there isn’t one single seven figure case-study I’ve got that didn’t come from Uplevel Consulting. This is where the real magic happens. We’re gonna be talking about Uplevel Consulting, what it is, what’s involved, who it’s for, who it’s not for and how you can get involved in this and really use it and leverage it to take your business and your life to the next level. So first things first, I’m sure we all know this transformation thing. Current situation, desired situation. You should be extremely familiar with this by now if you’ve gone through the course. I’ll just tell you, just being fully transparent and telling you exactly what Uplevel does. Well, it’s designed to take someone from the Done For You, or one on one … right, that’s the current situation, it’s designed to take someone from there to online courses and group coaching. And most people tend to max out around 100k here, right? And then when they come into Uplevel, it’s really about getting to 100k a month. That’s the goal that’s on everyone’s mind inside Uplevel. No one’s looking to make 100 grand a year. You know, people would be pissed off if they just made 100 grand in Uplevel. There’s a total shift in the mindset, in the hunger and in everything. The people inside Uplevel are totally different, they are on a total different wavelength, the conversations we have in Uplevel are on a totally different wavelength. And everyone in there is really hungry and really wanting to go after and get to that 100 grand a month mark. And you know, the program has ridiculous success rates. I think out of all the people we’ve put through Uplevel, I think 25% of them have gotten to 100 grand a month which is ridiculous. I mean, you know most programs don’t even have a 25% success rate if someone doing anything. Most programs don’t even have a success rate of someone doing the course. But in Uplevel, we have 25% have gotten to 100 grand a month. Roughly, 25% of everyone put through there has made seven figures which is more than like 86 grand a month. So that’s the transformation that it helps you make. And now what I’m gonna tell you is what really makes it different. What is different between Uplevel Consulting and Consulting Accelerator? So there’s a few key things that are just totally different between the different programs. Now in terms of how it’s delivered, I’m gonna explain these three differences here. So the first one is that this is, we have a different Facebook group and this is much higher level service. So this Facebook group for Uplevel, there’s only like 100, 120 members in there. So it’s a totally different dynamic compared to Accelerator. In Accelerator, we’re at like 9,000 members or something and in Uplevel it is only 100 and something. So it’s a way tighter knit community and everyone in there knows each other and what they’re doing and all of that stuff and also, I personally check on the Uplevel Facebook group every day and I personally reply to the people’s questions and comments and all of that. Whereas in Accelerator, I don’t really have the ability to do that because it’s at a much larger scale and I also use coaches to do a lot of the work in Accelerator whereas in Uplevel, you get my personal attention. And the Facebook group, you’ll get my personal attention and everything. And more than that, the calls just like Accelerator, we hold two two hour Q&A calls every single week but the key difference with Uplevel is that I do them myself. So when you get on these calls, we don’t get you to just type in the question and then someone answers it like one of my coaches, [Jessi 00:05:32] or [inaudible 00:05:33] or whatever and they answer it. We actually unmute you. So you get on the call, we unmute you, you can talk directly with me, one on one and then I’ll answer your question personally. So you get totally unprecedented access to me. Like I come in the Facebook group, I’ll be checking your questions, replying to things and I’ll also be on the calls twice a week to personally help you and personally answer your questions. So, there’s a totally different level of service in Uplevel compared to Accelerator. And then the third one is that we do manual reviews and templates. Now I’ll explain what this means. So in Uplevel, we actually can check your work as you go through the steps. So you can submit in your actual work like your funnel or the outline you’ve got for your program or the script you’re using and we’ll actually check it for you and say, “Yep, this looks good,” or you give you feedback and recommendations. So that’s there. And I personally check a lot of the stuff and I personally give feedback to a lot of people, even ads. You can upload your ads, we’ll review it and tell you what you need to do to improve. So when I say there’s a totally different level of service, I mean the difference is night and day between Accelerator. Now there is a ton of personal help in here and the level of service is totally different. And then, with the templates. So when it comes to the funnels and things like that, in Accelerator I keep things quite simple but in Uplevel, I actually give you my actual funnels and sometimes, we have to pull a few strings to even be able to do that. So in Uplevel, we introduce you to Infusionsoft which is the main CRM in automation software that I use. We also tell you about Active Campaign and you can use that if you want to. But we actually give you my actual funnels and to pull that off, I have to have a connection in Infusionsoft who can set you up with an account if you don’t have one and then he can actually port all of my campaigns straight into your account. So you don’t have to set them up manually or anything like that, my connection in Infusion can just port it straight over to you. So you just get exactly what’s working, what’s been checked and everything. So you know, there’s some actual manual processes in Uplevel compared to Accelerator and that’s really what makes it a totally different program and a totally different level of service. So if you’ve gone through Accelerator and you’ve enjoyed the content and everything but you’ve been really looking for some deeper connection with your coach or your mentor which would be me, you know if you’ve always wanted to have a private conversation with me or if you’ve ever wanted me to personally check your work or check or funnels or things like that, well, in Accelerator, that’s not really possible. But in Uplevel, that’s the sort of thing that happens pretty much every day. So that’s the key difference there. And now, what I wanna do is explain the difference in the content ’cause it’s not just about making this transformation, it’s not just about a totally different model and a totally different level of service. We also have the best content which we’ve ever created. And this content, which I’ve created for Uplevel, it’s created more millionaires than anything else I’ve ever done. You know, Accelerator is a great program, it’s helped a lot of people get their start but nothing has produced the ridiculous results that Uplevel has because it just produces people who have been able to crush it. Like Andrew Argue, he’s pretty much at a million dollars a month now. He came through Uplevel. He started when he was at 17 grand a month, and now he’s at a million a month which is ridiculous and tons of others stories just like that. Josh Harris came into this when he was struggling back when he was making really not that much at all, three grand a month or something. And now he’s been able to scale up to 300, 400 grand a month. So it’s not just for people who are at a 100 grand a year. It’s also for people who are just getting started. Like Hunter [Odis 00:09:48] came into Uplevel when he had zero clients and he was making zero dollars. And he just couldn’t figure things out and he was trying to do digital marketing for real estate agents and he couldn’t figure it out and he came into Uplevel mostly because he wanted the higher level of support and he wanted to talk to me personally. And so that’s what happened. And you know, the story’s pretty funny but you can listen to his testimonial and he says what I’m telling you right now, he got on the first Q&A call and we spoke together and I told him, “Dude, this isn’t your niche.” First call, first two minutes of the call. And you know, totally tore his entire model apart. He left that call, thought about it deeply, came back for the next call and on that next call, he had the idea for porn addiction consulting. And I said, “That’s it, that’s what you wanna do.” And then he went away from that call, he took two weeks to put together his first version of his program and then he came back on and within the first month, he was making 100 grand and he had a six figure business. You know, Hunter Odis came into this when he was making zero …



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