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Roland Frasier – Epic Business Buying Blueprint (Group Buy: INSTANT DELIVERY)


After 35 years of buying, scaling, and selling businesses, 5X owner of Inc. fastest growing companies releases…




The step-by-step road map for entrepreneurs looking to use M & A for growth, profit, and scale.

We Built the Blueprint…

Good news is there IS something you can do to take the guess work out of the process…


Acquiring a business is a safe, reliable, and predictable path to grow your income, wealth, and freedom.

After 30 years of acquiring businesses across 24 different industries, I’ve distilled down the foundational elements that lead to my success time and time again in all my strategic acquisitions while nearly eliminating the downside.

I’ve developed the methodology  in this program after working with entrepreneurs for years in

high ticket mastermind settings, group trainings, and exclusive one-on-one consulting.

That formula has now become the “The Business Buying Blueprint”…

When you’ve completed this course you will…


    the fundamentals of why Mergers & Acquisitions are the fastest proven way to grow your wealth … and why RIGHT NOW is the best time to be buying businesses in over 50 years.

  • FIND

    the best distressed businesses to buy…and have them come to you on autopilot so you never have to chase a deal down ever again.

  • KNOW

    the best distressed businesses to buy…and have them come to you on autopilot so you never have to chase a deal down ever again.

  • FUND

    the best distressed businesses to buy…and have them come to you on autopilot so you never have to chase a deal down ever again.


    the best distressed businesses to buy…and have them come to you on autopilot so you never have to chase a deal down ever again.


So, if you want the insider secrets to over 30 years of doing deals and an easy to follow formula on how to grow your wealth without anymore confusion, frustration, or overwhelm…and do it all while genuinely helping other distressed business owners who truly need your help and build a legacy level income for you and your family along the way… then ‘the Business Buying Blueprint’ is your next step.

So here’s how we’re going to do it:

The Business Blueprint is led by me, Roland Frasier, and, together we’ll go through 5 Modules, each building one upon the other, to ensure you have all the information, tools, and resources you need to be successful acquiring businesses.

In Module 1, we focus on MINDSET


In order to invest like the top 1% of business owners you 1st need to THINK like the top 1% of business owners. So we are going to walk through WHY buying a business (or its assets) is the simplest and fastest way to accomplish your growth goals and why NOW is the best time in over 50 years to do so.


In this module, you’ll…

  • Understand why “starting” a business is riskier, harder, & more expensive than buying one

  • Become aware of the $10 TRILLION dollar opportunity in the market that existed BEFORE the global recession…and the flood of opportunities that come with the “Next normal”

  • Master a glossary of terms and formulas the pros use so you never feel lost or left out of a conversation again

  • Learn the 5 reasons why businesses sell at a discount so you are clear about what a deal looks like and who you can help

  • And most importantly, learn how “lateral thinking” will open up tons of possibilities in places where others (especially the seller) will not have thought to look 

In Module 2, we focus on FINDING

If we are going to be buying business we need to know where to find them.

Where are they? Why do they want to sell? And, more importantly, how do we get THEM to come to US?

In module 2, you’ll…

  • Learn how to (legally) spy on the smartest and most successful investors on the planet so you can piggyback on the categories of companies they are buying RIGHT NOW

  • Get the step-by-step process on how to discover which companies will be the most profitable for you to acquire...

  • Download a list of the top 21 places to NEVER source a deal 

  • Swipe the industry’s best scripts and templates so you know exactly what to say (and what NOT to say) to a prospective business owner in every conversation

In Module 3, we focus on FUNDING


More specifically funding deals…without any money out of our pocket!


In this module, you’ll…

  • Download the Business Buying Bible where you’ll have access to over 159 proven funding strategies that require no money out of pocket

  • Implement ‘Instant Earn In’s’ strategies where you get instant equity in a company by providing highly leveraged services like consulting, connections, or marketing…that you can then outsource!

  • How to negotiate a “Win / Win” deal for everyone involved and stay within the ‘Zone of Fairness’ each and every time

  • Pocket equity for free using the “Pipe Wrench” proposal with companies you are already in business with and providing value

  • Cash in on companies that you never even own by following the ‘Reverse Wholesale’ revenue model

  • Do the ‘Deferred Close + 4 Day Cash Machine” deal where you arrange to buy the business at a future date then run this proven promo series so the company’s revenues pay for your purchase!

In Module 4, we focus on BUYING

This is where the rubber meets the road.

Together in this module we are going to shift from theory to application and break down all the nuts & bolts of buying a business so you feel safe, certain, and confident when closing your deals.

In Module 4, you’ll…

  • Be handed my full arsenal of tools, templates, checklists,and agreements I use on all my deals and have spent thousands in attorney’s fees to be created

  • Master the Letter of Intent as we walk through the entire tool together and I give you some super secret insider tips & tricks on making your offers even more profitable along the

  • Command total control of your purchase agreement as we go through that together step-by-step to make sure you’re safe and above board on every deal

  • Dissect your Due Diligence checklists so never miss anything in your research and have total confidence in your purchase

  • Lay out your pre & post closing strategies to ensure a seamless transition and makes sure you get to cash flow with none of your personal assets committed –  as soon as the deal is signed!

In Module 5, we focus on GROWTH


Now, imagine… you have deals coming to you like clockwork, you have unlimited funding options to capitalize on, you’re super secure in your valuations and closing process, and your post closing integrations are working like a well oiled machine…what’s next?


Scale it up!

That’s what we’ll cover in Module 5: GROW

In this Module on Growth, you’ll…

  • Apply the 5-80-5 multiplier principle to the success of your business and scale without hesitations, confusion, or uncertainty

  • Achieve “Unicorn Growth” using 5 customer acquisitions strategies that are guaranteed to drive massive results

  • As well as hear from my business partners, Ryan Deiss & Richard Linder, on how to structure your organization for maximum success, satisfaction, and scale

So, if you want to …

  • Truly understand why strategic acquisitions is the fastest proven way to grow your wealth … and why RIGHT NOW is the best time to be buying businesses in over 50 years.

  •  FIND the best distressed businesses to buy…and have them come to you on autopilot so you never have to chase a deal down ever again

  • KNOW what to say, how to say it, and negotiate every deal inside the ‘Zone of Fairness’

  • FUND all of your deals with NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET so cash is never a problem for you again

  • GROW & SCALE your finances AT WILL because buying businesses is ‘Recession-Proof’ & not reliant on market trends or traditional time constraints

… then ‘The Business Buying Blueprint’ is for you.

And, listen, this will all be happening while…

  • You are genuinely HELPING OTHER business owners in trouble…
  • You’re seen as an EXPERT AUTHORITY in your industry and among your peers…
  • You’re known as the go-to CREATIVE BUSINESS STRATEGIST that always has the answers…
  • You fall in LOVE with your business again…
  • And you’re helping SAVE THIS ECONOMY…
  • All while making LEGACY BUILDING INCOME for you and your family!

If that’s you, then just click the ‘I Want The Business Buying Blueprint!’ Button here so you don’t miss out and save big today while you can!!

  • Envision how it feels to be completely confident in evaluating & analyzing a deal and having fun coming up with creative ways to help
  • Imagine what it’s like when businesses start contacting you and you know EXACTLY what to say when they call.
  • What if you were totally comfortable making offers and EXCITED when you heard “Yes” because you know you are highly organized & prepared.
  • You have everything to close the deal quickly and efficiently without any worry, hesitation, or fear that you’re making a mistake.
  • Heck, just consider the money you’ll save in legal fees having these agreements and contracts at your fingertips. That cost alone is worth the investment in the program!
  • Picture the peace of mind that comes along from knowing you have all the due diligence and closing checklists you need to protect yourself from potential losses and bad deals.


That’s the kind of business I like to run and you can too.

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