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The GOD Approach [GB – Free]


Module 1 The Mindsets of the GODS

Module 2 CRUSH Your Approach Anxiety

Module 3 Building Sexual Attraction Through Conversation

Module 4 How to Open Conversations Like A GOD

Module 5 Real-Life Infield Breakdowns

Did you kill a cheetah (or snake or zebra whatever animal print she’s
wearing) to get that shirt?
2. Are you planning on breaking into someone’s house tonight? That all
black outfit is a prime burglar outfit, all you’re missing is a ski mask.
3. I saw you eye-fucking me from across the room so I thought I’d come
over and say hi.
4. Hey you’re a pretty girl, I had to come meet you. Please tell me you’re
smart too.
5. You look like trouble.
6. You have this resting bitch face and you look like you’re so done with
everything but I kinda love it.
7. Which one of you is the better dancer?
8. You have this really innocent look about you but at the same time I get
the feeling that you’re crazy deep down… which one is it?
9. You look like you’ve had one too many drinks, or are you always this fun?
10. Hi, you looked interesting. I wanted to come meet you. I’m Zeus.
11. Which one of you is crazier?
12. I just needed to stop you and say, I love your outfit. You have a very good
13. Excuse me, what’s your name? Hi, I’m Zeus. Nice to meet you.
14. Hey, two seconds, you’re adorable, I had to come meet you.
15. Usually I would walk over and say something really clever that would
make you fall in love with me, but I forgot what it was on my way here. So
here I am. Hi, I’m Zeus.

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