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Ben Cummings – Amazon Fast Track [GB-Free: INSTANT DELIVERY]


” I simply struck $114,000Per Month in my Amazon service … I rank on Page One for each item I launch … and I did all this working ‘Part Time’.

Would you prefer to make this type of loan from your Amazon.com personal label service?

I can inform you, that it’s definitely possible.

I understand, due to the fact that I am living evidence.

I’ve been on “amazon” a fairly brief time. Currently I struck $114,000/ month which I get a huge piece of that I get to keep as pure revenue.

The factor for my success on Amazon, is due to the fact that I am doing things much in a different way than exactly what is taught in ASM, much of which is absolutely counter-intuitituve …

… and most significantly …

I’ve established a stable of special ‘marketing and ranking approaches’ that nobody else is utilizing, that work remarkably well, which I’ve shown to work within my own amazon companies.

There are just 3 things that I should concentrate on in my Amazon service:

1) Ranking my items to page one, as quickly as possible.

If you’re on page 3, you may also be on page 300! Much like ranking a site in Google, if you’re not on page one, you unimportant. Amazon works the very same method.

2) Getting as numerous luxury evaluations in fastest time possible for my brand-new item.

When individuals utilize Amazon and click your listing, if the heading and images look attractive, exactly what does everybody do?

They scroll right down to read your evaluations!

If you just have a couple evaluations, you will not win their impulse purchase … and … you likewise will not “stick” in the rankings.

3) Finding hot items to offer

I have an easy objective:.

To make $10,000/ mo per item.

That is a conservative objective, due to the fact that my experience is that you can make more than this– however that’s my preliminary target.

To strike $100,000/ month sales, I have to launch 10 great items.

I prefer to keep service “easy.” And to make $100k month, is as easy as that.

I in fact surpassed this target just recently, having actually struck $115k in sales with less than 10 items.

” I Think I’ve Cracked the Code on How to Rank Any Product to Page One on Amazon”

There’s something else I require to reveal you …

Something that will really open actually eyes.

Each and every single item that I have actually personally released on Amazon.com, I have actually had the ability to pro-actively get it ranking on page 1 on amazon, typically within less than 12 days.

Yes— in each circumstances.

Yes— even in 2 ultra-competitive specific niches.

Yes— throughout numerous item classifications.

” What the Heck Is Your Secret?”

As you can see, my successes on Amazon are no fluke.

I have actually offered you with many evidence screeshots, earnings shots, and ranking evidence, that are for my own items and all current.

I hope that I’ve shown to you by now, that I understand my shit. As my amazon service grows and strikes high 6 figures each month, you will see me shift from the “expert” service and go back to my roots as a business owner, spear-heading our incredible development, and phasing out all personal customers and “wage servant”, non-leverage jobs.

The factor I bring this up, is that you will not have access to “Ben Cummings” as a coach, in the future. Honestly, why be troubled doing training and consulting, when I can make even more (for less effort and time) in my amazon service?

My objective has actually constantly been to develop a Big Business that can be cost a number of million dollars and “retire” to the island of Saint Barths, and I am laser concentrated on getting that objective in the next 36-48months.

If you desire to “tap into Ben”, this is most likely the last opportunity to do so, to access my Brain, and to find out from me about squashing it on amazon, to find out these Master Marketing Skills, so that you too can achieve your own variation of “retire to Saint Barths“.

Which leads me to the function of this “last” sales letter that I am composing to you …

Amazon Fast-Track Monthly Coaching Club— A Very Limited Opportunity.

I just recently handled 10 personal trainees for 1-on-1 training, however I closed the doors to that due to the fact that I just do not have the time to do “personal consults” any longer …

And regrettably I prepare to never ever once again handle anymore personal 1-on-1 training customers progressing.

As quickly as I stopped taking on brand-new customers, we continued to get e-mails daily from individuals desiring to find out from me.

What to do???

I chose that rather of doing one on one training anymore, that I would want to coach a little elite “mastermind group” consisting of severe high achievers and satisfy “essentially” through extensive training webinars.

Not just would it be enjoyable.

Not just would it be terrific networking for both people.

It would likewise enable me to take numerous of you “along for the flight” to the top of amazon, as all of us flourish and grow together.

Now THAT was an interesting possibility to me, and the reason I have actually chosen to release this extremely minimalAmazon Monthly Coaching Club.

With that, let me inform you the information of exactly what you’ll be getting …

To certify for an area, you MUST have actually acquired the ASM course and not reimbursed it, as I am not teaching anything from ASM in this program! This training program is not planned to be a replacementfor the terrific material you’ve gained from the ASM course. This training does “take it to the next level”!

Second, Jason Fladlien & & Wilson Mattos are advising and backed this training club to their ASM Masters … which is amazing! They nearly never ever provide their names behind jobs unless they think whole-heartedly in it if you understand anything about those 2! I have actually been extremely flattered they have actually associated themselves to this task and are backing it. (Thanks men!) This month-to-month training club is just used to ASM Masters, so you need to be an ASM Masters client to be qualified.

I am keeping the format of this effective and easy. It will have to do with training you, teaching you my many marketing and advertising “launch” approaches, and after that you acting. It will likewise have to do with getting a sh * t load of 5 star evaluations and securing your rankings, as soon as you achieve them. It will be about fast growth of your amazon service so you can strike the huge numbers that lead to monetary liberty and a huge service. It is a “here is exactly what Ben is doing today, this month, to squash it on amazon, and you get to examine his shoulder every month with the concept that you replicate his successes within your very own amazon service” training club.

Summary–This will be an intimate month-to-month “amazon training class”, that will satisfy through webinar 2x’s each month, where I will be teaching my approaches and methods, on a continuous basis, to assist your develop your Amazon service to make it a quick success.

Amazon Fast-Track Monthly Coaching Club– The Details:

1) You will take part in 2 live webinars each month. The very first webinar, is concentrated on “Amazon Growth & & Marketing Training Webinar” that will last 60-90minutes.

This is where I will be teaching you (on on continuous month-to-month basis) EXACTLY exactly what I am doing on amazon to grow, market and scale. You get a within view of my amazon service and approaches, with the concept that you take exactly what you’ve learnt how to replicate my outcomes!

2) Then every month, we will do a 2nd webinar, which will be a regular monthly “Amazon QUESTION & & ANSWER Webinar”

On this Q & & A amazon webinar, you will have the opportunity to ask me ANY concerns you desire, get nitty gritty aid on problems that show up … assist with marketing concerns … and assist with anything else you men require or desire.

In summary:

  • You will belong to 2 live webinars each month
  • Webinar one, teaching amazon methods and techniques,that I will NEVER expose outside this training club.
  • Webinar 2, is an extensive month-to-month Q & & A / Brainstorming webinar with our training club members
  • When proper, I’ll share files, e-mails, advertisements, techniques, files, agreements, and so on
  • You will get replays, so you can view previous and future replays whenever you desire.

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Ben Cummings– Amazon Fast-Track (Monthly GB) Contains: Videos, PDF ´ s (Starting from December 2016)

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